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You're doing great things,
but for someone else's projects.

For years, you've been achieving results, respect, promotions, responsibilities, teams to lead.

However, the more people rely on you, the more you feel a weight on your shoulders.

You want to hit the "reset" button and review your options, but you've given your word.

Betray yourself, or betray your people?

Your professional success
is an increasingly high price to pay.

You feel trapped in a game that you don’t remember when it began.

You dream of escaping it, but you’d lose what is genuinely good about it, including what you know about yourself.

You silence your inner voices, not to feel that void around the corner.

What gives you an identity is also what takes it away, isn’t it?

Solve these paradoxes

You want to find a way out,
but something is holding you back.

You feel drained, and Sunday evenings are bittersweet, but your inner conflicts are like sadistic, insoluble enigmas.

So, you either shut down your mind, or seek little comforts (whose costs are ironically higher than your last salary increase).

Settle or ruin everything, which pain sounds more honorable?

You feel that you need help,
but you can't find an ally to rely on.

You’ve lost your first ally: yourself. Your loved ones care about you, but although for different reasons, they all believe that you basically overthink.

Your psychologist is providing valuable help, but you lack a professional strategy.

Business coaches promise it, but you see it as your golden psychological prison.

You're alone again, with those two puzzle pieces that you can't fit together, aren’t you?

I know exactly how you feel,
that's why I created Sliding Stories.

Sliding Stories is the life-changing partnership I designed to accelerate your professional evolution, remaining true to yourself.

The key is to blend business and psychological consulting together into a unique, seamless and high-quality experience.

Infinite are the sliding stories in front of you, yet you are seeing only a minimal part.

The ultimate goal of my consulting is to provide you with the tools to see, choose, and create your own.

Although this means touching deep chords within yourself, this partnership is designed to be as effective as possible, in the shortest time possible.

Pietro Leonardi

Your options:

The offering is designed flexible to suit evolving needs:

- The single-session option gives you the chance to tackle specific/short-term needs, or try this service with zero risk (full refund, no questions asked - if not satisfied).

- If you're ready to seriously work on yourself, you can opt for renewable 1-month or 3-months subscriptions, aimed at establishing an intense, brief and result-driven partnership.

- Each option allows you to conveniently upgrade to the wider plan, maintaining the lowest price.

- You can cancel anytime, without paying for any unused full months.

Single session

Suitable for specific and one-shot needs.

  • 1x 15-mins onboarding call by phone
  • 1x 1.5-hour session at my office, or online
  • Full refund, no questions asked - if not satisfied
  • Option to upgrade to the 1-month plan


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Prices include VAT. Office in Milan, in the Buenos Aires area
1-Month partnership

Suitable for committing to an intensive journey, with the freedom to progressively extend it.

  • 1x 15-mins onboarding call by phone
  • 4x 1.5-hour session at my office, or online
  • 4x 20-mins follow up calls/viedocalls
  • Option to upgrade to the 3-months plan


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Prices include VAT. Office in Milan, in the Buenos Aires area
3-Months partnership

Suitable for in-depth work, but flexible to surprise you by finishing earlier.

  • 1x 20-mins onboarding video-call
  • 12x 1.5-hour session at my office, or online
  • 12x 20-mins follow up calls/viedocalls
  • You can cancel at any time, without paying for unused months.


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Prices include VAT. Office in Milan, in the Buenos Aires area


My approach is essentially the exact opposite
of what you can find in the market.


It's a self-evident fact and a common experience that helping services are mostly inefficient and ineffective.

That’s why I significantly diverge from the norm:

- I see you as a whole, without conventionally separating your life in personal/professional silos for my convenience, to make them fit partial services.

- I take responsibility for guiding you (while empowering you), without protecting myself behind conventionally-imposed methodological constraints.

- I select my clients with a partnership approach that maximizes fit and focus, rather than using ineffective and pre-packaged protocols aimed at scaling business easily.

- I’m fully committed to making this journey as short as possible, instead of speculating on your difficulties to keep taking money from your pockets.

Your early and happy farewell will be my true measure of success.

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If you truly want to change,
you need to be challenged.


I promise you total respect and absence of judgment.

However, I’ll not fall into the trap of too much empathy, becoming complicit in your narrative and so your worst ally.

However, if something isn't working, you need to do something different at some level: actions, thoughts, beliefs, key decisions, patterns.

So, won’t fall into the trap of too much empathy, becoming complicit in your narrative and so your worst ally. Rather, I’ll truly help you:

- see those invisible strings that are holding you hostage today, and learn to play with them,
- by recognizing, challenging, and breaking wider dysfunctional life scripts,
- that is actively building your own evolution, overcoming the passive react/escape mindset,
- and essentially learn the art of giving, while staying true to yourself.

I’ll guide you to disobey your mechanical and anonymized self, to find your authentic and creative one.

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I've chosen my sliding stories too, and you may be part of it.

This landing page is designed to lose potential clients with every vertical scroll: I go straight to addressing uncomfortable topics that 90% of people prefer not to even think about.

I'm not subtly doing mass-oriented marketing, masking it with apparent inclusiveness.

And that's because I'm not attracting you, rather I'm selecting you.

In fact, I've also chosen my Sliding Stories and discarded others:
- I aspire to work for brilliant and open minds, people whom I may admire and potentially learn from, while helping them;
- I aim to go beyond the surface and reach the core dynamics that move us, helping my clients face the real challenges that really matters in their lives;
- I want to express, as a professional, everything I personally am and know without holding back.

I want to prioritize quality over quantity, that is working with few, valuable clients.

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Every great ambition
calls for great responsibility.

I feel a strong professional ethic to be as much prepared as possible to offer you this unique service that goes beyond standard single-service options.

To accomplish that, I gained significant experience in both business and psychological domains:

- I'm a Management Engineer (Bachelor & Master’s degrees), professionally specialized in combining business, technology and data analysis fields;
- I have 10 years of international experience in business consulting, rapidly transitioning from operational roles to managerial ones (leading up to 40 ppl.), serving top management of major European multinationals;

What deeply moves us is totally different to what we might think rationally. So, I decided to bridge this gap.

- I’m a Clinical Psychologist (Bachelor & Master’s degrees), graduated with honors and from top-ranked universities, registered with the “Ordine degli Psicologi della Lombardia” (n.28231);
- I’m further specializing in Psychotherapy at the “European Institute of Systemic-Relational Therapies”, focusing on therapeutic interventions for individuals, couples and families;
- I specialized in “Strategic Communication, Problem Solving and Coaching” (1-year master), derived from psychotherapy research and practice of the school of Palo Alto and Giorgio Nardone, world-renowned exponent of Brief Strategic Therapy;
- I specialized in “Strategic Coaching” (1-year master), whose models are derived from psychotherapy and coaching practices of Cloé Madanes, world-renowned pioneer in Strategic Family Therapy, whose books I’m the only Italian translator (for Giunti Editore).

Life is mysterious and often appears to us like a blurry, 2D movie.

My dual perspective allows me to put on those red-blue glasses and see some of its scenes in sharp 3D.

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Evaluate your alternatives,
and decide what’s best for you.

By leveraging all of the above, I bend all domains to offer you a flexible and high-quality choice instead of painful alternatives:

1. Risk relying on a single-service professional who can offer valuable - but partial - help;
2. See multiple professionals, but then find yourself putting together the mosaic on your own;
3. Opt for low-cost and unqualified services, whose business model prioritizes maximizing volumes.

Try to give financial value to your problems, and carefully evaluate direct and hidden costs of your options, including time.

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Choose the partnership you’re missing,
and I’ll help you no longer need it.

I've designed this format to offer my best as a professional.

Over the past decade (and more), I've faced big wins and tough challenges, questioning everything and everyone along the way: the system, others, and myself.

I've made plenty of mistakes and confronted all the paradoxes and contradictions I've mentioned above.

Through diverse experiences, changes, errors, lessons learned, invaluable relationships, dedicated study, and passion, my perspective has gradually widened, revealing intricate narratives hidden to the unaware eye.

With this program, I want to share it all with you.

And you’ll finally become the director of your own, favorite sliding stories.

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Feel free to get in touch for more information.
It will be a pleasure to work together.